The End

Really didn’t wake up this morning and see my self doing this. But the time has come to close the curtains and call an end to as far as I’m concerned.

I’d love to go into detail as to the reasons behind my decision, but when you wake up to a full on personal attack, on Facebook and our Forum, then it’s time to draw the line. Especially when you have invested in that person financially over the years, RFactor 2 copy when it was at full price, get them started in iRacing with some cars and tracks, it really does make you question why you do what you do.

Apparently our ‘two bit league’ is on its a** anyway and people are moving onto bigger and better things. So with that in mind, lets call it a day.

My thanks go out to Dan Stevens (K9VING), Bruce Duncan, Craig Thomson (Kwik Kiwi), Paul Daniels (Ozspeedfreak) and all the other staff who are too numerous to mention. We couldn’t have done it without you all.

Big thanks also to FVR Factor, Flash, Gavin and the rest of the team for giving us the V8’s for the last few years. We were going to return to them at some point, but you can still race them at Outlaws and the like.

Finally from me, there have been many up’s and many downs, but I made some friends that I’ll probably never get to see, but that didn’t matter, it was honest and it was fun. Thanks to all of you who raced, it’s been a blast.

The final race will be the last race of the iRacing GT3 Oceania Season. We may do a final race in rFactor 2 or something to celebrate the passing of the league.

Anyone want’s to comment, then you can do it here:

See you on the track somewhere……….


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