Presentation - Hello everyone !


New member
Not new in SimRacing in solo mode in fact... but relativelly new in multi, series race or league, I'd like to share races with far-play racers, reason of my join.

  1. Where you are from? --> France
  2. What Sim do you mainly use --> rFactor2, ACC, ...... I'd like to try others...
  3. How did you find out about us and what are you here for --> Found you on the Web after personnal searches. I'm here to share good moments with cool poeple in a fair-play behaviour to have good races and fun!
  4. How long have you been sim racing? --> 10 years but in solo mode because I've got a low level...
  5. Do you race in an online league? --> Yes, GT4.
I hope to race with you shortly :)